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Dustin Phan


Having entered the crypto space 5 years ago as a student, Nathan recognized the profound potential of Crypto and Blockchain Technology. Nathan thendetermined to veer away from traditional paths and fully immersed himself in Web3. In 2021, Nathan's path intersected with NFTs, an encounter that further deepened his understanding of this innovative domain. As an Analyst at BlockBase with 2 years of dedicated research experience specializes in the dynamic realm of NFTs, Nathan focuses on analyzing and evaluating investment opportunities within the NFT market. His role entails providing valuable insights and recommendations to the investment, leveraging their expertise to drive the firm's success. Nathan's profound understanding of NFTs and their potential for growth positions him as a pivotal member of BlockBase's analytical efforts, fueling the firm's investment strategies in this transformative space.


"The strength of a team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."